To promote . . . or demote Edit

Surferpedia is an encyclopedia of surfing that allows anyone to supplement the commercial depiction of surf culture. It therefore empowers surfers who wish to challenge the way commercial interests distort the message for mass appeal. However, it is also inherently subversive, because it necessarily promotes topics based on categorisation, instead of the usual commercial incentives. It still covers the commercial aspects of surf culture, but does so without the hype. Of course, the commercial depiction of surf culture is itself a phenomenon of surf culture and as such warrants a range of articles devoted to the topic. But, these articles gain no more prominence than other articles, since access to them depends on their subject matter appearing on other articles; and vise versa, since all articles eventually become interlinked. The commercially driven aspects of surf culture are thus demoted to a level that is indirectly determined by a broader cross-section of the surfing community. Each page provides an opportunity to advertise, via links to external websites. But, the decision to follow a link is ideally motivated by the article rather than through marketing.

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