Surf forecasting is a new branch of meteorology developed by tech savvy surfers, who have drawn on numerical weather prediction [1] to assess surf conditions. Almost all of these sites rely on the NOAA's free distribution of NWW3 data to produce their forecasts.

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  • Global surf forecasting site
  •, Free surf forecasting service providing long range surf predictions, swell models, wind forecasts and other various surf-related content.
  • A comprehensive surf site containing live cameras, reports, forecasting, travel maps, video, photos, reviews, etc.
  • World wide surf forecasting providing to the point seven day surf forecasts.



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  • Free surf forecasts.
  • Surf reports for San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara & Ventura, California & Long Island New York & New Jersey.
  • Northern California surf report, forecast, blog, recent pics, video clips, and articles.
  • Surf reports, forecasts, photography, links and products.
  • Free Surf Forecasts, Buoy Reports, Buoy History, Original Articles, Break Maps, uses some NOAA data but has a top notch human at the controls. Forecasts are accurate and sometimes humorous/entertaining.