Scott Dillon (born 19 August 1928) owns the "Legends of Surf" museum near Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia. He is a very nice dude to chat to and once you got him started, he won't stop taking you on a journey into the past of surfing history.

Amoung the early manufacturers Scott Dillon was considered the master in big wave guns (closely followed by Les Patterson at Dale Surfboards - Bob McTavish/Pods for Primates Part 1). Consistent high standards of manufacture are evident in boards from all eras and the Scott Dillon Surfboard Collection has many fine examples of professional restoration.

Many commentators have noted the use of various fin designs and particually the quality of fin construction. Decal design 'developed' from O'Neill Surfboards/Wetsuits, Santa Barbara California.

Developed first Australian use of rice paper decals, circa 1959. Experimented with factory neighbour, Jim Ilsaft? of Itmas Printing who was producing books for the religious market. The early results, using quaily Bible paper, encouraged the company to specialize in surfboard decals under the brand Jim the Printer.The company went on to be a major supplier to the industry well into the 1980's.

One of the Brookvale Six - Sydney manufacturers with national sales and reputation in the ten years 1962 to 1972.

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