Reno Abellira is a surfer-shaper from Hawaii, currently living in Waialua, North Shore, Oahu. I remember seeing Reno Abellira back in the 70s a true Surfing Legend who was the first one to cut his long board in half and created the mini board,when he took it to california he blew everyones minds,and of course reshaped the surfing world. He truly was a Guru in our eyes as he meditated on the beach before he went out ,then ripping past us, it was like a guitarist watching Jimmy Hendrix ,i used to go home and say Wow i seen Reno Abeliira today,really Heavy man! Reno Abellira


Reno began shaping in the late 60s working for Dick Brewer. In the late 70s, Reno shaped for Mark Richards. Reno copped a lot of flak from his fellow Hawaiians for shaping boards for the Aussies

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