Koby Abberton is a member of the notorious Bra Boys, from the Sydney beachside suburb of Maroubra. He is a renowned big wave surfer, who has competed successfully on the Professional contest circuit. He is also known outside the surfing community for having attempted to protect his brother Jai Abberton, in relation to his involvement in the death of an underworld figure. In May 2005, Jai Abberton was acquitted of a 2003 murder of standover man Tony Hines. Koby Abberton was handed a suspended nine month jail sentence, having been found guilty of perverting the course of justice in the same matter.[1] In summing up the verdict, Judge Boulton said to Koby Abberton that he "deserved credit for overcoming a background of drug addiction and violence," adding "I don't think you have the level of guile that would have been necessary for you to intend anything so sinister." [2]

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