Cemetery Bay, Norfolk Island, 1986

Uluwatu 1984

Uluwatu 1984

Dan Webber (1964-) is one of the six Webber Bros, an Australian family of surfers, sculptors and designers, who have been making surfboards since the 1970s. Dan lives on the north coast of New South Wales.

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Dan started surfing aged 12 at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia (1977). During his teens, he repaired surfboards in the backyard of the family home in Rose Bay. He introduced surfing as a school sport at Cranbrook School, Sydney, in 1981. His school holidays were spent at Angourie Point, staying at the family's holiday house, bought from Tracks founder John Witzig in 1977. Dan's elder brothers took him on weekend surfing adventures in the family's camper van, introducing him to numerous reef breaks on the NSW Central Coast. In 1983, they surfed Lord Howe Island, Bali and G-Land, documentinng the adventures on super-8. In 1984, Dan established a clothing label for Insight Surfboards, which was then his elder brother Greg's surfboard label. The association developed with the opening of a surf shop at Bondi Beach with David Gyngell in 1985 and the design of curved surfboard fins. In 1987, he lived and surfed on Norfolk Island, which inspired his short story entitled Outer Island.

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